Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal are performed with various tools, while tattoos are generally considered permanent. Now it is possible to remove them with treatments fully or partially. It is most commonly performed using lasers that breakdown the ink particles in the tattoo into smaller particles. Laser therapy is one of the most exciting treatment for removing unwanted pigments.

Sessions required
This sessions depends on the type of the pigment on your skin, it can be gone in as few as one or two sessions. The average required to remove professional tattoos is more than 6-8 treatments. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of tattoo ink use and the depth of the ink in the skin.

The laser energy is applied to selectively targeted specific tattoo pigments with minimal disruption. The colors of the tattoo plays a huge role in determining how easy it will be to remove. Some of the dark colors are easier to remove than others colors.

What you get ?

The laser tattoo removal procedure has been proven as the fastest and the safest and the most effective method in modern medicine. These methods are however invasive and painful, showing a much greater risk of infection.


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