Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation is a skin condition that describes the skin appearing darker accruing in small patches covering large areas affection the entire body. There are several types of pigmentations known as Melasma, sunspots and post inflammation where the both increases the level of melanin.

Cause of hyperpigmentation
Pregnancy changes the hormone levels causing to increase the production of melanin level in some women. Melanin is produced by some skin cells called melanocytes altering the production of melanin level in the body.

Symptoms and risk factors
Areas which are darkened on the skin are the main symptoms of hyperpigmentation. The risk factors of hyperpigmentation are a higher amount of consumption of oral contraceptive and drugs that increase your sanctity to the sunlight.

Prevention of hyperpigmentation is not always a possible way but here are some ways you can reduce the levels by using a sunscreen with a SPF sunblock or wearing cloths which protects from high exposure of sunlight.

Treatment Plans

For this treatment price starts from LKR 20,000 and depend on the skin of patient.

What you get ?

After adequate tests, the skin determines the condition to on go on some treatments such as chemicals peels skin polishing and laser therapy to reduce the level of pigmentation.


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