Acne Treatment

Acne is commonly known as a chronic disorder of the sebaceous glands leading to increased oil production in the skin. These kinds of conditions need to be addressed with both oral and tropical treatments to prevent scarring. These acnes are mostly found in the teenagers and some adults increased level of oil production by the glands forming an environment for the bacterial to load on skin.

Damages and occurrences
You can find these on the face, back and chest areas forming black and whiteheads. This will cause pigmentation and scars.

Triggers of acne
Consumption of high level of fatty / fried food, a heavy oil make-up, hormonal pills in woman and high dosage of protein will trigger the chance of acnes.

A person can loose the self confidence with these acne or acne scars, make not to loose your hopes where the best part about this much dreaded skin condition is completely curable with Skin Clinic Negombo.


For this treatment price starting from LKR 9,300 per session and it will be 3 sessions each 21 days.

What you get ?

Pamper your self with individualized treatment plans carried out to archive desired results, making it the best place to obtain treatments for acne. Depending on severity, acne can cause distress and scars on the skin, the earlier you start the treatment the lower your risk of suck problems.


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